Tungsten Alloy Counterweight

Tungsten Alloy Counterweight Picture

Tungsten alloy counterweight is one of the tungsten alloy rods' usages. Tungsten alloy counterweight is widely used in automotive, motor Sport, engines, wheel weights, boat, airplane and so on.

High environmental compatibility, lower fuel consumption, and improved electronics for more comfort and safety in modern vehicles set high demands for applied materials. Tungsten and molybdenum products of us made from high performance materials advance to new levels of achievement and guarantee maximum efficiency.
Increasing service temperatures and compact, space-saving designs are the demands of the engine generations of the future. High performance tungsten and molybdenum products are best suitable for applications in engines because of their mechanical, chemical, physical and tribological properties. Components made of tungsten heavy alloy with densities up to 18,5 g/cm3 are well-suited for highly effective crankshaft and flywheel balance weights in standard production cars, in racing, shipping or the industrial engine sector.

Motor Sport
The minimum weight requirements of motor sport formulae are often met with ease as more exotic materials give designers the ability to create lighter and stronger components in the search for greater performance.
Adding our ballast weight helps to provide competitive advantage by giving the ability to add ballast within confined spaces in exactly the correct place to both trim the weight distribution and lower the centre of gravity of a competition car and still meet the minimum weight requirements.
A lower centre of gravity can also be achieved by adding tungsten skid plates, which also protect the lower parts of the chassis, especially important in F1, where a ride-height monitoring plank is used.

Due to its very high density, our tungsten heavy alloy is an ideal material for suppressing vibration in static or moving components. Applications for our tungsten heavy alloy include: Crankshafts, pistons and gear levers in high performance cars; Turbine blades; Flywheels.